Fast Food Part 4: The McDonalds & KFC Conclusion

Now, you’ve read the first three parts, you’re probably still trying to understand why it’s important.


Some of the conclusions we’ve come to:


  • Don’t eat fast food, it’s bad for you.
  • Women are more affected by fast food, kilojoules and calories wise.
  • It’s too easy and convenient, sucking most people in and also sending kilojoules and calories counts skyrocketing, especially in those who exhibit very little exercise.
  • Sure it might taste good, but that’s to suck you in. You might have heard the stories about McDonalds burger buns containing enough sugar for them to almost be labeled as confectionary. Well, we don’t have the breakdowns of each component that makes up a McDonalds burger, however at a quick glance most of the burgers on the McDonalds menu provides around 7% of your daily sugar dietary intake – we would suggest that being labeled as confectionary isn’t quite an obvious assumption, but why a burger needs to be that high in sugar when their breakfast menu averages about 2% %DI.
  • Above all else, and we repeat: Fast food is bad for you!


Just think; if you’re not exercising your body is only going to burn those calories and kilojoules at a normal rate. We mention in our first post in this series that the benchmark figures used were based on maintaining a healthy weight (assuming you’re at that weight already) and you go about your daily return, not including exercise.


IF you’re not exercising and you’re eating this junk, then there’s no wonder why you’re either putting on weight or can’t lose it. Plenty of Personal Trainers will tell you that your diet is the key to weight loss (some say 80% diet, 20% exercise, though there are different interpretations depending on who you speak to).


These tests are pretty simple to apply to any fast food restaurant chain and the theory works for all types of food. Why not try it with your favorite fast food and post your results below?


We might even run a competition in the future looking at who can identify the worst offending meal from a well known fast food restaurants in Australia.