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Non Scale Victories

When trying to lose weight, the scale victories aren’t the only one’s that matter. The non scale victories are just as important, possibly even more important than the weight dropping. The non scale victories are you feeling better, looking better, and fitting better in your clothes. So what is a non scale victory.

Losing inches

When you measure monthly, weekly or every few months, you will notice you are losing inches. Sometimes you may gain weight or even just lose a few pounds. This can cause some concern for person watching their diet unless they are measuring and seeing the numbers changing.

Clothes fit better

Your clothes will just fit better. Not only will they look better, they will look great on you.  You will look radiant in them and feel much more confident. It will show through. People will feel drawn to you and not be able to know what it is about you that is changed.

 Endurance is longer.

You are able to run longer. That impossible mile turns into two miles then three or five miles. This is a much bigger deal than losing five pounds. Running five miles without stopping is a huge step towards endurance and health.

 More Energy

You are no longer winded taking your kids to the park. You can run with them while playing. Now you can out run your dog in the walks. These are all great non scale victories. Having more energy is a health advantage. This is often a goal for people to have when starting the weight journey’s.


Finding yourself, and challenging yourself brings inner peace and happiness. You find you feel calm and peaceful about life in all areas, not just weight loss. Weight loss just becomes an added benefit. When you start thinking that health is the main focus and then weight loss becomes the added benefit then that’s when it becomes much easier to lose weight. No more watching the scale each day. Just become who you were meant to be, and watch the weight come off, it becomes effortless.

Life should be effortless. Breathing, laughing, loving, and being active should all be part of life. Life is all about loving yourself and and others. Part of loving yourself is learning that the weight loss journey is not about the actual scale but about non scale victories as well. When you learn to celebrate those victories, you are half way there.

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Review of Calorie Counting Websites

Many of us are busy and use calorie counting websites or apps to either save time or save sanity, possibly both. Some of these sites with track your macros, or just calories.  Some of the sites will have a community that will have a friendship, that will help you along your journey. Challenges also help engage you and keep you going. The three main sites are Watchfit, Myfitnesspal, and Sparkspeople.


We love MyFitnessPal. We’re there daily. I have a love hate relationship with the forums but the actually program is great. The mobile app is wonderful with a bar scanner that will scan mostly anything. The news-feed option is great. It will give a personal touch to the weight loss journey. Myfitnesspal has a data base of foods, exercise calories, and weight lifting activities. It is by far the most popular weight loss website.


The site is new and easy to navigate. The site has a place for personal trainer to advertise their services which is a added bonus for professionals. You can track you food, macros, create and participate in challenges, and create a blog. You can hire a nutritionist or personal trainer on site as well. The site is amazing. Our only suggestions is a mobile app and a bigger food database.


Sparkspeople is a much like Myfitnesspal with forums and a good app but the app is not as complete. The Sparkspeople site and app is not as popular and easy to navigate. One reason is it gives people to many calories to eat to lose more than 1 pound a week, experts claim.

There are other calorie counting websites like Livestrong, Calorie counting, Beachbody, and bodybuilding.com. The only way to see which one will work for you is to try it, and see. For me, a busy  person on the go, I need a mobile app to add food on the go or even at night when I am ready for bed, so a mobile app is a must. Try the one’s listed and let us know what your favorites are.

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When is the best time to weigh yourself?

What is the best time to weigh yourself? Is it best to weigh in the morning? Or is it best at night? What is the best time?

Before weighing yourself, do not step on the scale if you have had a big meal. Other dieters have a serious addiction to the scale. They go so far as to weigh themselves before and after each and every meal. The fact is everyone’s weight can vary from five to ten pounds daily depending on the water weight in your body at the time.

Drinking just two eight ounce glasses of water can translate to one to two pounds of weight. If you have just drank water, save yourself the trouble and do not weight yourself. When weighing yourself, it is best to do it before drinking anything or eating, and after going to the bathroom. Experts also advise weighing yourself at the same exact time each week to get an accurate picture of your weight.

It is also important not to discount weighing yourself. The scale is a very useful tool. The scale can tell you if you are consuming to many or not enough calories. It can tell you if you are at your goal weight or if you are at the target BMI. It is a useful tool, just not the only tool to use.

The trouble with scales is to many women over use them and do not use them as tools yet use them as the only measure. They feel like if the scale isn’t moving they are not progressing. It doesn’t matter if they lose inches, if they aren’t losing pounds, they are not a success. Women must learn to not put so much into number they see in the scale. That number cannot define you, unless you let it.

Meals and Snacks

It can be hard to imagine what your meals and snack will look like when eating wheat free or gluten free. A wheat free or gluten free meal should showcase fruits and vegetables. It is important to buy organic whenever possible, especially in fruits and vegetables that we consume the skin. You should eat as many as possible fruits and vegetable in their natural and raw state.

A good snack idea is to chop carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados to make a salsa. You can add them to organic spelt or make a good salad and add the salsa as a topping. For a good lunch idea would be an organic salad with salsa on top with either a hardboiled egg or grilled chicken breast. There is no need to avoid red meats as many diets now claim you need to. It is wise though to watch your portion sizes since too much saturated fats are not good for anyone.

A good meal would have a two generous serving of fruits and vegetables. Then a reasonable serving usually 4 oz. of grass fed beef, organic children or eggs, veal or lamb. It is also healthy for you to eat nuts as a snack. Nuts have good fats we need and protein. You may find that eating gluten /wheat free you need to eat more often and up to six meals a day. This is not uncommon.

It is important to eat three healthy meals and at least one snack a day. If you eat enough meals and snacks throughout the day, then you will feed you body’s metaboism keeping it running at it’s best. You cannot expect to be able to train hard, build muscle, and do hard cardio sessions if you do not eat enough throughout the day? If the experts are correct then, if you eat more, you will lose more weight, and gain more muscle and build your lean body mass. It’s a win win for you. After a week of eating wheat free, you should feel better, with more energy and less bloated feeling. You will wonder why you were once so nervous about making the switch to a gluten/wheat free diet.