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How to Begin a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Beginning a new way of eat will seem overwhelming at first. Rest assured after eating wheat free, it will only take you a few weeks and you will be a professional at it. It would be helpful to you first to have a list of which grains are safe for you to eat. Those grains are rice, corn, quinoa, soy, buckwheat and montina.

Fruits, vegetables, corn, rice, fish, meats and legumes are all part of the wheat free diet. It is generally not advised when eating wheat free to consume oats. Oats have cross contamination from the factories until labeled gluten free. They have also concerns of cross contamination in the fields of wheat.

At your local grocery store, there are many types of bread and cakes now offered that are gluten free. Sprouted bread is a safe bread alterative. In the baking section of the grocery store, they showcase many cakes and cookie boxes that are advertised to be gluten-free  The most important part of living the wheat free lifestyle is reading food labels. Checking label to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction to the wheat product is very important.

For cooking ideas, gluten free cookbooks are readily available. An internet search will show many gluten free recipes that will likely not taste any different than you are used to. Cooking gluten free will just take some meal planning and research. There are many apps now available both free and paid in Iphone and Andriod platforms.

As overwhelming as it is now to eat gluten free, it is so rewarding when you take your health back. Once you start to feel better, eating gluten free will be easier and easier as time goes on. Remember that something that is challenging now will be easy and effortless later.

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Top Yoga Poses

Not many exercises are like Yoga in that it creates a following. People who do practice Yoga are very dedicated to the exercise. They claim it helps them in every aspect of their lives not just their fitness level. Yoga can help your concentration. It has been credited to help in your interactions with other people. It teaches you to be one with yourself. This lead to self-esteem and self-worth. Once you master the beginner poses, you will be ready to tackle the advances poses.

Mountain Pose

You can practice the mountain poses alone or in between other poses. The mountain poses can help you improve your posture greatly. In most advance poses, the instructor will ask you to return to mountain pose.


This pose is also called Standing Forward bend. This is a pose where you touch your toes basically. It is a pose used to reduce tension, pain, and fatigue. You can do this pose with your knees bend or straight.

Cobra Pose

Rodney Yee, whom is a famous Yoga instructor, list the cobra pose as one of the top ten vital yoga poses. This pose sis used to warm up your core and back muscles. Instead of trying to get your back to be lifted off the floor, it is helpful to focus on keeping your shoulders down and elbows to the side. This concentrates on form instead of the ability to do the pose perfectly.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is one of the most common yoga poses. Many other routines implement this pose into the routine because it is such an important pose. Many experts state it is a staple in many exercise routines. In this pose you place your hands about 5 feet apart on the floor with legs at the same distance. This exercise literally stretches every muscle in your body.

Warrior Poses

Warrior one, Warrior two, and Warrior Three all are very popular poses. The warrior poses stretch the legs, hips and glutes. They also open the hips so you can complete the more advanced poses. Warrior poses help you become much more aware of how to stretch your body  in every direction simultaneously.

Triangle Pose

The triangle pose is both challenging and beautiful to see. It can be a difficult pose but once you are able to do it correctly it is rewarding. The Yoga Journal recommends this pose to relive stress, backaches, ad to stretch the hips, pelvic areas, and legs.

Supported Headstand

A headstand is a pose that is very hard to master. When training yourself to do this pose, you should use a chair or wall. It is important to support your head well to avoid injury and to use your core muscles. Once you have the confidence that you can complete this pose with ease, try doing it without any support.

Yoga is not only a exercise for many people it is a way of life. Those who practice it will apply yoga to their daily life. For this reason many half jokingly claim, yoga is their religion.  These poses list will help you decide if yoga is right for you. Expert encourage everyone to try yoga, and if not yoga to implement another stretching routine.

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Simple Steps to Loving Yourself

The fact is the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. You must feel valued to yourself so you can demand other treat you with respect. The fact is if you do not love yourself, you will never be able to truly love anyone else.

The first step in loving yourself is to write down all the quality you have that you are happy with. You may start with either physical qualities or emotional. When you start this list, it may be pretty small. It might be helpful to carry the list with you wherever you go, that way when you find something about yourself that you love about you, it is easy to write down. Within a few weeks, you will see that your list will be pretty long. Read the list often when you are feeling like you do not like yourself. It will be a constant written reminder that you are loved.

The second step is to write down what you feel in your heart you deserve out of life. This could be career related, emotional, or even relationship related. Many therapist recommend those who are dating age to do this exercise so they know what they want in a spouse before meeting them. This will also let you know what kind of treatment you are not okay with. It really helps define your self worth. Your self worth is something that no one can take away without your consent. It is so important for your fitness goals, your life goals, and family life that you know your worth and enforce those around you to treat you well.

The last step is to write down how you would like others to see you. Do you long to have others say you are a wonderful mother or wife? Maybe they already see you this way, but it is you who isn’t seeing you like you should? Writing down how you would like others see you helped you define who you would like to become. If these qualities are written down, they become much easier for you to work on these issues.

The dream board is a great concept as well. The dream board is a poster board of all the things you would like to accomplish. It may have the perfect body, a nice car, or big home. You place this board in a place in your home that you can see it daily. The theory in making a dream board is you make it happen by seeing it daily. Another thing you can do is to put post notes in your kitchen, computer room, or bathroom. They may say “You are gorgeous”, “You are a great friend, or “ You are a great writer.” Say the phrases out loud.

Self love is a tricky subject. If you love yourself to much others say you are selfish, conceited or vain. If you do not love yourself enough, they say you are a doormat. The trick is the balance. Love yourself enough to know what you are truly worth and enforce those around you to treat you accordingly. Remember you are the most important relationship in your life, so take care of yourself.

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Kickboxing: The Ultimate Cardio Workout

Kickboxing is one of the newest trends. The reason it is so popular is it is so much fun. Who doesn’t like punching, kicking, twisting and getting out aggression build up through our daily lives. Experts claim that kickboxing can also help you burn tons of calories, up to 700 per hour for the average 150 pound woman. This number will go up if you weigh more. So the question is, how do you begin a kickboxing workout?

Technique of Kickboxing

Kickboxing combines the techniques of boxing and all forms of martial arts. It uses jabs and counter punches like in boxing. It uses front and side kicks, you would see in martial arts. Completing these exercise will deliver a total body workout. It will place your heart rate in the zone which will cause you to burn a lot of calories.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is when you visualize an opponent in front of you. Kickboxing classes use this technique often. You would deliver punches, jabs, and kicks to the opponent. The most commonly used shadow boxing routine is a jab, punch, cross punch, and front kick. The classes usually will have music in the background. It will be high energy music that will encourage you to move.

Heavy Bag Workout

Another way to develop your kickboxing skills is to use a heavy bag. You would punch, jab, kick the bag as you would an opponent in the ring. In order to use a heavy bag, one must first use the right athletic shoes and gloves to protect your hands. During the workout, you can deliver a series of kicks or jabs. You can practice the roundhouse kick to the bag or a front kick. The bag will help you see if your technique needs improvement as well as improve your footwork and endurance for a fight.

Strength Training

One cannot ignore the importance of strength training if you want to be a successful kick-boxer. Most kick-boxers will use pushups to tone their shoulders, arms and chest. Another exercise used very often in kick boxing class is a squat combinations. It is common to see a squat punch combination be used. Squats will help tone gain strength in your legs and glutes. In fact,many say squats when combined with weights for your arms, are a total body exercise. Another way to implement strength training in your kick boxing routine is to use weighted gloves when doing heavy bag workouts. This will add one more pound of resistance to each one of the jabs and punches.

Kickboxing is a fun exercise that for some will help shed weight, tone their body, and be a source of almost therapy for a highly stressful life. Kick boxing techniques will take time to master however , once you master them, it will be a sport you love. You may feel odd and awkward at first, but keep practicing, you will love it once you master the moves. Kickboxing can truly change you life in getting into shape and teaching you self control.

How does Carb Cycling Work?

Carb Cycle is a technique used by many body builders. They claim it helps them define their physique faster than any other way of eating can. The theory is you eat more carbs on the days you need them most, and more protein and low carbs on the days you do not need some many energy calories.

To eat in a carb cycle eating plan, you would eat low carb usually for a period of three days. How low your carbs would be are depending on your fitness and nutritional goals. Some people go as low as 50 grams per day. The general recommendation for a low carb diet is between 100-150 grams per day.

After deciding on a carb goal per day, on days you want to eat higher carb increase your carbs slightly. The recommendation is 50-75 more grams than you eat usually. This will be enough to give you more energy from those extra carbs. The theory behind carb cycling is the increase in carbs every few days will give you enough energy that you will be able to go a few days of low carb eating.

Another reason this method is usually recommended is it works. It is so much easier to eat say two or three low carb days when you know you have two or so more day until you can eat more carbs. It is considered one of the more sustainable way of eating.

You can expect when you first start to eat low carb to be hungry often until you get used to eating much less carbs. You can also experience moodiness and irritability while getting used to low carb eating. Experts claim that no one should consume more than 50% of their calories from carb sources. A good rule of thumb would be 50 grams of carbs on your low carb days and 40% of your calories from carbs on high carb days.

Carb cycling is a plan that will help you diet more effectively and learn that ‘cheating’ on diets can actually help your weight loss. It allows you to let go of the diet plan and embrace eating a way for the rest of your life. This will help you stop yo-yo dieting and start a life of being fit, healthy, and most of all happy with your weight.