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App of the month: RunKeeper

Welcome to our new monthly App review series, where we set out to find where health and fitness meets technology and review smartphone apps and websites that make tracking your fitness and health so much easier!


This month, we’re reviewing RunKeeper.




Author: FitnessKeeper, Inc.


Available for: iPhone, Android smartphones


Cost: Free (upgrade available)


iTunes rating: 4 1/2 stars
Google Play rating: 4 1/2 stars


RunKeeper is designed to track and measure your workout activities including Running, Cycling, Walking and even a few odd ones you wouldn’t think an app could track including Skiing, Snowboarding, Rowing, Elliptical and wait for it, Swimming (we’re not quite sure how that last one works, but we’ll endeavor to work it out!).


The idea behind tracking and measuring your workouts is improvement and this handy App tracks each exercise and compares it against previous workouts. We can easily see how this would keep most people motivated, especially the competitive ones.


It does all of the basics includes tracks time, distance covered, maps out your activity, tracks calories burnt and average pace with a neat bar graph showing intervals. One neat little feature is the ability to set goals, which the App automatically ticks off as your train.


Setting a training plan up with easy, with predefined training plans for everything from doing a 20 minute easy workout through to running a marathon, and of course you can add your custom training plans if that suits. At the end of session, simply hit the Stop button and you can save your workout and have the summary read back out to you.


It has plenty of settings to fiddle with, including the ability to pair with a Heart Rate Monitor. As with a lot of Apps these days, there’s also a social element so you can friend up, share and compare your workouts and times against others for a more competitive experience. You will need to create an account with RunKeeper to track all your workouts, but for the small amount of time it takes, we think its definitely worth it.


There’s a number of different versions available. We looked at the basic version and there is an Elite subscription for $4.99 per month, or $19.99 per year which offers live activity broadcasting, discounted training plans and advanced reporting – for the die hard athletes! For most, the basic free version will be more than enough.


The size of the app weighs in at 17.5MB, so best to download over WiFi to avoid excess charges on your mobile data allowance. The one downside to the App is that it uses your phones build in GPS to track your activities, which can decrease your battery life, so be sure to charge your phone before you head out!


This is one App we think every fitness and health buff should install on their phone! Get it from iTunes or Google Play now:


RunKeeper on iTunes (for iPhones)


Runkeeper on Google Play (for Android smartphones)