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Review of Calorie Counting Websites

Many of us are busy and use calorie counting websites or apps to either save time or save sanity, possibly both. Some of these sites with track your macros, or just calories.  Some of the sites will have a community that will have a friendship, that will help you along your journey. Challenges also help engage you and keep you going. The three main sites are Watchfit, Myfitnesspal, and Sparkspeople.


We love MyFitnessPal. We’re there daily. I have a love hate relationship with the forums but the actually program is great. The mobile app is wonderful with a bar scanner that will scan mostly anything. The news-feed option is great. It will give a personal touch to the weight loss journey. Myfitnesspal has a data base of foods, exercise calories, and weight lifting activities. It is by far the most popular weight loss website.


The site is new and easy to navigate. The site has a place for personal trainer to advertise their services which is a added bonus for professionals. You can track you food, macros, create and participate in challenges, and create a blog. You can hire a nutritionist or personal trainer on site as well. The site is amazing. Our only suggestions is a mobile app and a bigger food database.


Sparkspeople is a much like Myfitnesspal with forums and a good app but the app is not as complete. The Sparkspeople site and app is not as popular and easy to navigate. One reason is it gives people to many calories to eat to lose more than 1 pound a week, experts claim.

There are other calorie counting websites like Livestrong, Calorie counting, Beachbody, and bodybuilding.com. The only way to see which one will work for you is to try it, and see. For me, a busy  person on the go, I need a mobile app to add food on the go or even at night when I am ready for bed, so a mobile app is a must. Try the one’s listed and let us know what your favorites are.

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Keep the Course

There is a group of people rarely addressed in many articles. They are the group that have been in the journey for some time, but lost their way. I am one of those select few. I have struggled for what seems like many months. I have developed a few tips to get you back to losing weight again.

Water, Water, Water

I cannot stress enough. Water. I will not tell you to avoid diet soda, as I struggle with this daily but, I do try my best to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. As a whole, dehydration is a big problem in this country. Many of us, myself included, will eat instead of drinking. This results in overeating instead of remedying the original issue, dehydration. My advice is if you eel hungry; first try to drink a glass of water. Wait, a few minutes to see if you are still hungry, and you are then eat something light.

No Food After 8 PM

I struggle often with eating late. I am a writer, so my hours can be very irregular. If I am not able to write in the day, I will write in the evening or night. This leads to me eating at the computer. I noticed it the other day after eating 10 chewy cookies. Yes, no typo ten cookies before I even noticed I was eating them. So I have implemented a rule, no eating after 8 pm. I am on day three.

Live by the 80/20 Rules

This is a rule, I have based my whole weight loss journey on. I promise to myself to eat well, 80% of the time. I allow myself to mess up 20% of time. This not only helps the cravings but, helps the guilt when I slip and eat junk. I have noticed much of my failures are impractical ideals I placed on myself. I have come to a place, 2 years in my journey, I need a sense of realism. I have to be real with myself. I have to figure out how to eat for the rest of my life and be able to maintain it.

I am confident in these rules. They are the basics of all weight loss program. I believe that if you would live by these rules, while being active, you will see at least one pound loss per week. I will continue to work at my journey. I will attain my goals. My main goal to inspire myself by achieving things I never dreamed possible and inspire others to do the same. Reach within yourself. You are so much stronger than you ever dreamed of. To quote the famous Shaun T “Dig Deeper”.

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I am Plateaued, WHY?

It happens to all losing weight. You are losing weight and suddenly, it stops. The scale may stay the same or even show a gain. You may be upset thinking, I am working hard, why would I gain? It is not time to panic, yet. It is however; time to look at your routines to see what you can change to start losing again.

Repeated Exercises

The body gets used to an exercise if you do it or longer than 6 weeks. This is why most of the exercises change ‘phases’ every few weeks. When your body gets used to the exercise, then you will no longer burn the same amount of calories. This applies to food as well. If you constantly eat the same foods, at some point, your body will not absorb the nutrients from the food. It is important to change your diet often.

Not eating enough or too much

This is dangerous zone. You must eat enough for to be able to feed your muscle growth. Not consuming enough is the number one cause for you to experience a plateau. Usually, it is enough to get out of the plateau to eat a few hundred more calories or not exercising as hard. This will get your body the signal to start burning fat again. At the time time, another reason for plateaus is eating too much. This is so easy to do. One reason this happens is because you don’t measure your foods. Studies have claimed people underestimate their calories by 500 and sometimes more. It is very important to measure, so the calories you log are accurate.


Overtraining is a big problem. Exercising to much puts unneeded stress on your body and signaling it to stop burning calories. It will also cause you to feel tired, lethargic, feel depressed, and maybe even injury yourself. The way to avoid over training is to exercise 5-6 times a week for one hour a time max. This will not put your body at risk for over training and will give you enough activity that you can burn enough calories to change your body.

Not Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important for all people from infants to elderly adults. It is especially important for those trying to lose weight. They need sleep to be able to build muscle and lose fat. In fact, studies have shown that those who have trouble with reoccurring plateaus may have the problem as a result of not getting enough rest. Experts’ advice all adults to aim to get from 7-10 hours of sleep each and every night.

Plateaus are very frustrating. Many times, you will feel like you don’t know why you are plateauing. Another reason it can be frustrating is you may be doing all the right things but still your weight does not change. If his happens the answer may be in the measuring tape. Measure your waist, arms, hips, and legs often so you know when there is a change. Plateaus do not last forever, if you experience one, hang in there, eat well, exercise and you will see a loss eventually.

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Fail Proof Diet Tips

The fact is over 60% of Australians are overweight or obese. Because of this, the weight loss industry is one of the most successful industries in the country. Another fact is most diets do not work. The reason is, they only address the weight problem temporarily. Once the dieter returns back to her old eating behaviors, the weight will creep back on. So what will work to lose weight once and for all?


Water is the key ingredient. Most Australians are chronically dehydrated. Many people confuse hungry with thirst. A person needs a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. This figure is actually based on the average person weighing about 70 kilograms. If you weight more, you would require more water. A good estimate of your water needs is to take your body weight and divide it in half. This is the amount of water in ounces you need to drink each day.


Protein is very important for those trying to lose weight. It will help you stay fuller longer and will help energize you during your workout. Protein is very important to consume after your workout to rebuild your muscles. Consuming enough protein will help relieve any muscle soreness. A well balanced diet includes a ratio of about 30% protein, 50 % carbohydrates, and 20% fat.

Move more

In order to lose weight, you do not need to train for a marathon. Walking even at 2.5 MPH is exercise. Another misconception is you need to exercise daily. It is true regular exercise is very important. Rest is also important. Without rest, your body will not be able to repair and build muscles. Not resting will lead to overtraining. Exercise smart. A good plan would include exercising two day in a row then a rest day.

Food Journal

Food journals are a vital part of being successful in weight loss. Often you hear someone saying, ‘I barely eat, whyam I fat?’ Once they start journaling, you see they eat cookies, cupcakes, granola bars, very little protein, and no water. No wonder they are not losing weight. Food journaling will help you figure out why you are not losing or why you are doing well. Journaling your food is one of the most important weight loss strategies out there.

Cheat Meals

Cheat meals can be so beneficial if planned into your weekly calorie goals. They can help keep you focused and reduce your need to binges and reduce your cravings. A planned cheat meal is very different than a binge. A cheat meal would be pizza hut or maybe Boston Market. A binge would be pizza, plus brownies, and more. Binges are not healthy. It involves losing self-control. A planned cheat meal with help keep you focused and leave you excited for your next cheat meal the following week.

Losing weight does not have to be difficult. Much of the journey is reprogramming your mind to not participate in bad behaviors. For example, choosing to drinking water instead of Coke, and fruit instead of cookies. Once you win the battle in your mind, the weight will easily fall off.

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is one of the most popular exercises in the World. Pilates was created by a man named Joseph Pilates. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is doing it from seniors to teenagers. Many people have ideas what Pilates is but not many people know six Pilates principles.

Pilates is Adaptable

Pilates is great for beginners and advanced exercisers because it is fairly easy to modify the exercises. In fact, Pilate’s experts say all Pilate’s exercises were designed with a modification in mind. This makes Pilates a great one size fits all type exercise.

The Six Principles of Pilates


You must concentrate on your movements at all times, making your movements smooth and fluid. The concentration aspect of Pilate is linked as a pain relief for those with back pain or Parkinson’s disease.


Joseph Pilates referred to the control aspect of Pilates ‘Contrology”. Pilates works by controlling the smooth muscle movements. Pilates will teach you to work with your body not be at its mercy to be kind to you.


Centering is used very often in Pilates. In order to succeed in Pilates once must finding their center or powerhouse as many Pilates practicer refer to it as. The movements will then come from the center or powerhouse, out to the limbs. Many times the center will be the abdominal region.


Flow is the movement from the core to the extremities. The movements should be coordinated and smooth. Once the basic exercises are achieved, you would try an even more difficult exercise and master that one, and move to the next level.


Precision is the practice of doing Pilates correctly. In theory, if you would incorrectly do Pilates, it erases all the value of doing the exercise in the first place. For this reason, they recommend you complete the Pilates exercises slow, carefully watching your form.


Breathing is the center component of Pilates. Pilate instructors teach their classes to breathe very deeply often using the terms ‘breathing from the back’. They will use breathing instruction with the exercises typical. Learning to breathe correctly will help improve the blood circulation.

Pilates is a well-rounded exercise that is fit for all, even pregnant women. If expecting, it is important to see the advice of your doctor and take a class from a professional who has experience with pregnant moms. Pilate can help you increase your flexibility, strength while increasing you’re your self- confidence in the process. Pilate will help your muscle feel stretched and relax your body. It is an amazing work out that is great for all to do either regularly or occasionally.

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Health Benefits to Receiving a Massage

Massages are not good for you just because they feel good. They have health benefits for the person receiving the massage. Massages can be healing, relaxing, and a stress reliever. In fact, many rehabilitation programs for physical therapy incorporates massages.


The benefits to massages are endless. It can reduce pain and swelling with torn ligament or muscle injuries. It can also help relieve pain associate with back injuries. Massages can bring a feeling of calmness restoring a serene feeling for your nervous system. This alone can be very healing for the body. Many disorders are caused by being nervous, scared, or anxious.

Massages promote blood circulation. They encourage your body to have better blood flow. This will cause your body to feel better, be able to be more active, and to promote restful sleep. The blood circulation will help promote muscle recovery in post exercise or injury. The massage will lessen or reduce the number of muscle cramps or spasms one experiences.

Massages also stimulate the body to get rid of toxins. Our world is so full of toxins, so this may be the best benefit to massages. They help support your lymphic system which carries waste from the body. This will lead to clearer skin, more energy, and a refreshed mind.

Who should not have a Massage?

Massages are not for everyone. Some people should not have one or they risk being more injured or sick. Those people with fevers, infections, or bone disorders should not get a massage. When getting a massage, one should disclose their health information to the massacre technician so they will know if you are a candidate for a massage or if they should modify the massage for you.

Reaction to Massage?

In rare circumstances, a massage can cause an allergic reaction or other reaction. One of the most common reactions is a reaction to the massage oils or lotions. If this occurs, you simple avoid that lotion/oil and request a hypo-allergic option. Other risk associated with massages are internal bleeding, nerve damage, muscle injury , or paralysis (temporary).

A massage can be a great experience leading to relaxed muscles and less stressed out body. IT can be a wonderful tool for overall health and should be utilized by those who are good candidates. If combining massage with yoga and mediation; you will see the health beenfits.

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Low Carb Diets, Where do they go wrong?

We have all heard the headlines that low carb diets are the way to lose weight quickly and keep it off. They advertise that you can lose weight, never counting calories, and feel satisfied. Many celebrities swear by this method. So, is this method to good to be true

No calorie counting but high in fat

Low carb diets can be confusing. They require you to count your carbs and figure your net carbs. This would not be less time consuming than counting calories. They lack calcium in the diet and typically will have to much fats in the daily diet. Many calcium and vitamin C eaten daily is through fruits, this is why it is lacking. The high protein diets are mainly meats, cheeses, and milks are high in fat because they are animal products. They have more fat than we are designed to consume. The lack of calcium will put you at risk for bone diseases.

Where’s the fiber?

Low carb diets are typically very low in dietary fiber. People need fiber to have a healthy digestive system. Fiber will help fight off diseases, overcoming or preventing obesity, and cancer. It will help keep you feeling fuller longer so you will need to eat less frequently. Fiber is needed in your diet. Experts recommend adults consuming about 30 grams of fiber a day.

Kidney damage, really?

A high protein diet can give you a condition called ketosis. This is caused by consuming too few carbohydrates. It can lead to kidney disease and in some rare cases kidney or renal failure. High protein diets are even more caution against being used by diabetic patients. They are at risk for kidney and renal failure with having diabetes.

Lacking Vitamins and Minerals

Low carb and high protein diets are severally lacking many nutrients. They remove many fruits which contain many vitamins that cannot be absorbed in the body through a multivitamin. When you adapt a diet that severely limits certain food groups, it will also be lacking the nutrition.

The best way to lose weight is simple reduce your calorie intake and eat as natural as possible. One of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic is too many people are eating processed foods. When one decides to take charge of their food intake, concentrate on whole foods, they will see a loss. The perfect diet is a diet that is balanced in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This includes fruits, vegetables and animal protein.

Signs of Dehydration

The fact is according to most experts that most people are chronically dehydrated. In fact, they are so dehydrated that they do not realize how badly they need fluids until they are severely dehydrated. It is extremely helpful to know the symptoms so you can avoid a health crisis and hospital visit.

The First Signs( first 2% lost)

The most common first sign of dehydration is excessive thirst. Scientist claim that once you feel thirst, you have lost about two percent of your fluid. This is the reason they say once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. You may also feel tired or fatigued, a head rush when standing, loss of appetite, chills and dry skin.

Moderate loss (5%)

if the person does not increase their fluid intake by water or other fluids, they will continue to go downhill. They will continue to have worsening symptoms. They will have a increased heart rate and respiration. They will sweat much less. They will be urinating much less if at all. They will have a increased body temperature. They will experience headaches and muscle cramps. They will be completely miserable.

Severe (10%)

This stage is often fatal. In this stage, one may lose consciousness. They will often hurt all over. They have loose skin from the loss of fluids. They will be confused when talking to you. Urination will be difficult and painful. Breathing will be painful and difficult. They may have vomiting with nausea.
Dehydration is preventable. Drink enough fluids outside if you need to be outside if it is hot. Stay inside if it is too hot. The signs of dehydration in a infant or elderly person will be much quicker than a young health person.

If a person exercises heavily, they can lose up to 100 ounces of water per hour. This usually is not a big deal as they will just drink water or other liquids after they exercise. People also lose up to 100 ounces per day through normal body functions throughout the day.

The recommendation for water needed per person is half their body weight or generally eight glasses of water a day. If someone is severely dehydrated, they should drink water slowly not to over load their body to quickly. If they drink to quickly, they can cause a electrolyte imbalance which is a emergency that needed to trip to the hospital.

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Obesity Concerns

When someone is obese, it is not uncommon for them to wonder how they got to be so fat. The weight comes on slowly usually and it is hard to notice when one gains weight.  Before long, you are obese or even  morbidly obese.  It may feel like it happened overnight, but it didn’t. Food, activity level and medical problems can all lead to America’s increasing obesity problem.

The great thing about Obesity, if there is a good thing, is that it is reversible. When you start exercising and eating well, the weight will come right off. It will take some time and dedication on your part, but it will come off.

“I am overwhelmed by what to eat”. This is a common concern when trying to tackle obesity. The fact is many people are overweight from not knowing what to eat, how much, and when to eat. People will often eat either too little or too much. Both are dangerously bad for your metabolism. If you eat too much, it is too much for your body to use all that energy(food), so it will store the food for a time of starvation. We, today, do not have periods of starvation like they had many many years ago. If one eats too little, it tricks your body into thinking it is starving. This will make your body hold on to every calorie you do consume.

“I don’t know which exercises to do”. Exercise is a big reason for America’s growing obesity problem. To many of us are living a sedentary lifestyle. We work at desks. We play video games. We are entertained by watching television, movies or playing on the computer. All it takes is 20 minutes of activity a day. It doesn’t need to be a hard workout either. Walking, yoga (stretching) or simple floor exercises will help getting one away from being completely sedentary. Use exercise to clear your mind. It is so relaxing to go for a walk after a hard day working. Exercise will help one’s mood and increase the calories you are burning throughout the day.

“I am fat because I have a medical condition”. This one is true sometimes. There are a few conditions that can cause obesity. For example Diabetes causes one to gain weight suddenly or lose weight suddenly when it is uncontrolled. Diabetics often have a hard time losing weight due to their insulin resistance problem. Thyroid, Depression and Diabetes are common diseases that can cause weight gain when not controlled.

Obesity can cause death if not controlled. Obesity can lead to a variety of health problems. It causes heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer. It can head to a heart attack. The fact is what one put in their mouth tells much about their present health status. When one changes their diet, making a change to be healthy, the health implications of their past obesity are no longer an issue. It is reversible.

Obesity causes damage to one’s self esteem. This can cause depression, even leading to suicide. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it is hard to take care of yourself like you should. It becomes very hard to feed yourself well. Showering, exercise and healthy eating is usually too difficult to plan out. This can be a chain reaction. Often health problems and mental health impact of obesity go hand in hand.

Obesity can cause a difficulty in women conceiving children. Obesity causes a disease known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease. It causes the cyst to be formed in the ovaries making it difficult for the woman to release an egg to become pregnant. It can cause fibroid’s to grow in the Uterus. This causes pain, bleeding and may need surgery to correct.

Obesity is such a complex problem with a simple solution. We should eat less meats and sugary substances and more fruits and vegetables. We should move more outside or participate in a sport and do less television watching. If we have a health problem, we should seek the advice of our doctors. It is our right to treat our bodies well with food, exercise and healthy happy thoughts. If we don’t make time to get healthy now, we will be making a deal to make time to be sick later.