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Health Benefits to Receiving a Massage

Massages are not good for you just because they feel good. They have health benefits for the person receiving the massage. Massages can be healing, relaxing, and a stress reliever. In fact, many rehabilitation programs for physical therapy incorporates massages.


The benefits to massages are endless. It can reduce pain and swelling with torn ligament or muscle injuries. It can also help relieve pain associate with back injuries. Massages can bring a feeling of calmness restoring a serene feeling for your nervous system. This alone can be very healing for the body. Many disorders are caused by being nervous, scared, or anxious.

Massages promote blood circulation. They encourage your body to have better blood flow. This will cause your body to feel better, be able to be more active, and to promote restful sleep. The blood circulation will help promote muscle recovery in post exercise or injury. The massage will lessen or reduce the number of muscle cramps or spasms one experiences.

Massages also stimulate the body to get rid of toxins. Our world is so full of toxins, so this may be the best benefit to massages. They help support your lymphic system which carries waste from the body. This will lead to clearer skin, more energy, and a refreshed mind.

Who should not have a Massage?

Massages are not for everyone. Some people should not have one or they risk being more injured or sick. Those people with fevers, infections, or bone disorders should not get a massage. When getting a massage, one should disclose their health information to the massacre technician so they will know if you are a candidate for a massage or if they should modify the massage for you.

Reaction to Massage?

In rare circumstances, a massage can cause an allergic reaction or other reaction. One of the most common reactions is a reaction to the massage oils or lotions. If this occurs, you simple avoid that lotion/oil and request a hypo-allergic option. Other risk associated with massages are internal bleeding, nerve damage, muscle injury , or paralysis (temporary).

A massage can be a great experience leading to relaxed muscles and less stressed out body. IT can be a wonderful tool for overall health and should be utilized by those who are good candidates. If combining massage with yoga and mediation; you will see the health beenfits.