Choosing a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a person that will help you achieve your fitness goals. During your sessions, they will take your weight, measurements, and keep record of your progress. Finding a personal trainer can be a stressful experience. There are so many trainers and all their styles are so different. So how do you decide which trainer is right for you?


Experience in a personal trainer is vital. Do they have experience in keeping their clients motivated? Ask them to show before and after shots of previous clients. They need the experience to be able to know how to guide you in the right direction. They should have instruction experience and exercise equipment experience.


Ask them if you can contact current and former clients. Talk with the references personally. If they are a former client, a good question to ask is why they are no longer working with the trainer.


How is the trainer’s attitude?  Do they make you want to work hard? Do they encourage you? Are they able to develop a workout program for you? Are they too aggressive or to passive?  These are all very important. It is important to pick a trainer whose personality does not clash with yours.


How does the trainer dress? Do they appear not to give hoot about how they look? Are they messy? Their appearance will tell you how they feel about themselves.


Are they able to work around your schedule? The ideal trainer will make time for you around your schedule not the other way around. Do you feel rushed in your sessions? If so, the trainer is not the right one for you.


What type of degrees does the trainer have? Are they certified? It is important that your trainer have a certification or education so you know they can tell you how to work out safely. It would be an added bonus if they were certified in nutrition so they could give you diet and food advice.


Now more than ever, people are watching the bottom line; cost. It is important for your health to be able to afford the best trainer your budget allows. If that means only seeing your trainer once a week instead of three, so you can afford the best one available to you.
Personal trainers are important part of the fitness industry. They can help transform your body from obese to extremely fit. It is vital you find the right trainer for your budget, fitness goals and your personality. Trainers are not a one size fits all. In order to find the right trainer, you may have to interview several trainers. The right trainer can be the difference between reaching your fitness goals, and quitting. The right trainer will be your cheerleader, your go–to person, and your worst enemy all rolled into one person.