Yoga for Beginners

Studies have shown that adding yoga to your exercise regime can help accelerate your weight loss. They have found that those who practice yoga are much more aware of when they are truly hungry, much less inclined to overeat, and experienced a greater weight loss than people who do not practice yoga. Where do beginners start with yoga?


Yoga has simple and very complex poses. The great thing about yoga is once you master one pose, you will want to master an even harder pose.  Downward Dog is a very popular yoga pose. It relaxes your whole body while stretching your muscles. Another popular beginner pose is Warrior 1. This pose is an excellent choice for pregnant moms, beginners, and advance practices. Once you have mastered this pose, you can move on to Warrior II and III. In yoga classes, the instruction will do them in a row like one yoga pose. It is a very beautiful pose once you master it.


Yoga is an excellent choice to become more Intune with your feelings and thoughts. Yoga will force you to channel you thoughts to relaxation and slowing down. This will allow you to deal with stress much better, sleep better, and eat less. Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, increase mental clarity, and insomnia. When attempting yoga poses at first, you will feel awkward. The best advice is not to think about the pose but to breathe. Free your mind, by breathing in and out.

Health Benefits

In addition to the weight loss, there are numerous health benefits.  Those who practice yoga regularly have less constipation, less muscle aches and pains, and promotes a state of mental calmness.  Studies have shown that it can help promote healthy digestion. This mental clarity helps lower blood pressure and high blood sugar. The flexibility you gain from practicing, can help relieve back or joint pain.


Yoga leads to one being much more comfortable with who they are. First, you will learn poses and mediation; this will lead to self-discovery which is a one-way ticket to self-acceptance and love. Yoga teaches you about limitations you have or do not have, and teaches you that you can accomplish anything. This will spill over in your personal life. You will be able to set limits in your personal relationships because you have become more secure with who you have become.

Yoga can be a life changing practice. It is a great exercise for beginners to implement in their workout regime. It will affect your fitness level, personal relationships, self-esteem, and your health in a positive way. You will learn to accept yourself as you are, not comparing yourself to others. When you truly accept yourself, you will be able to change from the inside out.