• 22Jul
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    Home workouts or Gym, Which is right for me?

    Deciding whether to buy an at home workout or purchasing a gym membership will be dependent on your needs, personality, and fitness level. Some people need a gym to leave their home and the distractions to work out effectively. Others do better at home where they can feel comfortable in their own home without feeling like other people are looking at them. So what are your options?

    Home workouts

    There are so many home workouts. In fact, the exercise video industry is a multimillion dollar business. The most popular videos are P90x, Insanity, Tapout XT, Body Revolution, and the 30 Day Shred. These workouts will offer a  total body workout. P90x is a weight lifting and cardio based program that promises you can get in amazing shape in as little as 90 days. Most people who use these programs when combined with a low calories and natural whole foods diet will see great results.

    Gym Workouts

    Gym workouts are good for those who do not do as well on their own. They often have classes one can join or you can use the equipment.  The weights are very popular attraction to the gym. Some like to run on the treadmill. They also have experts to help you along the way in the form of a personal trainer or nutritionist. This is so helpful if you know what part of your body you would like to tone or if you run into problems with your nutrition.

    Celebrity trainers agree that the best time and work out is the one you will end up completing. If all one can fit in their busy life is 20 minutes, complete 20 minutes. Life can get in the way of exercising and fitness goals but only if you allow it too. Make yourself a priority. Explain to your family, working out is your time and not to disturb you. The family and work can do without your attention for twenty to thirty minutes  a few times a week. The result will be you feeling refreshed and able to be a better friend, wife, mother, husband or father. You will be healthier in mind, body, and emotional state. If you continue to live by ignoring your needs for others, your health  and body will suffer the price. Bottom line is it doesn’t matter if you workout at home or at the gym, as long as you do the workout out. The best method for you, is the one you will complete.