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    FitBit: New Fitness Tech

    FitBit FlexFitBit is the newest device doing the health rounds helps people track their exercise and associated activities, helping you live a healthier lifestyle, but are they really worth it?

    FitBit’s aren’t cheap, but then again neither are their competitors such as the Garmin, or Polar devices that do the same things. The great thing about the FitBit’s is they deliver the whole package; in addition to the device, they offer online and mobile tools which help you track everything.

    There are a few different FitBit models, so which FitBit is the best? Not all FitBit’s offer the same features, so its best to consider which one is right for you.

    FitBit Flex

    Considered to be premium model in the FitBit range, the Flex is fully featured; It counts Steps, distance, calories burned, Floors climbed, Sleep (hours, # times woken, sleep efficiency) and has other handy features like Goal setting, Silent Wake Alarm (vibrates on your wrist) and is able to sync wirelessly to Macs and PCs. It can also sync to selected Bluetooth devices. Most importantly, it’s sweat, rain and splash-proof.

    FitBit One

    The FitBit One has all of the features of the Flex, with the exception of the Goal Setting dunction and ita full featured set but lacks the

    It has an OLED display, which some might prefer over the Flex’s LED display. The display on the Flex is just an indicator display, where the One can show the count of steps, calories etc. on its display. The One is also capable of showing the time, which is a feature the Flex lacks.

    FitBit Zip

    The Zip is considered the budget model in the FitBit line-up; it’s considerably cheaper and has less features. Its functions include counting Steps, Distance and Calories burned. It’s doesn’t allow for goal setting or count Sleep statistics; however it does sync to a computer or Bluetooth device.


    All of the FitBit devices are rechargeable, so its handy to charge them before you head out for that run so it doesn’t stop recording on you.

    A nifty feature of the FitBit range are the free online and mobile tools, which let you set goals, track trends, log your food intake and generally help you improve your fitness and weight.

    As part of the FitBit package, you receive a FitBit Tracker (the actual device), large and small wristbands, Wireless Sync dongle, Charging cable, membership to fitbit.com and access to free mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

    If you like to make sure you’re colour coordinated while out pounding the pavement or sweating it out in the gym, the Flex comes in eight colours including; Black, Slate, Tangerine, Teal, Navy, Violet, Lime, Pink. The Zip comes in Blue, Magenta, White, Charcoal and Lime. The One is bit limited on colours with only Black and Burgundy available.

    Fitbit’s are available at most national retailers in-store, or online at FitBit’s website.