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    Preventing injury when exercising

    It might sound like I’m preaching to the choir, but preventing injuries when working out is one of those important step to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


    Think about it for a moment; you’re exercising away and out of nowhere you feel a strain in your back. That’s a pretty big deal. If you’ve hurt your back enough during that exercise, you might find your ability to exercise will be severely limited for a few weeks.


    That’s just going to get in the way of all that great work you’ve achieved over the past few months!


    Before undertaking any exercise, it’s important to warm up. Depending on what type of exercise you’re doing, your warm-ups will vary. For a circuit session you might just simply warm up by riding the bike or cross trainer for a few minutes before hand. If you’re lifting weights, you might want to stretch out the muscles you intend on working on that session.


    Just simply get the muscles working and the blood flowing.


    There’s no need to spend a long time warming up. Most personal trainers will use 10% of their session to warm a client up (e.g. 3 minutes of a 30 minute session, or 6 minutes for an hour session). This is by no means a hard and fast guide, and each type or exercise and workout will command a different warm-up strategy.


    In addition to warming up, technique is another way to prevent injury. It is hard to learn technique when you’re exercising yourself, however if you’re exercising at a Gym or Fitness Club, don’t be afraid to ask the staff questions about technique and how to minimise the risk of injury – it’s their job, it’s what they get paid to do.


    Most gyms also offer services where they’ll perform a consultation and write up a program for you based on your ability and your goals. They should also walk you through the program, at least once or twice. Any good Gym will ensure their personnel are out on the floor helping customers.


    Poor technique can not only lead to injury, but also poor results, which is one of the many reasons individuals stop going to a gym or exercising generally.


    In short, to prevent injuries while working out;

    • Warm-up properly
    • Work on technique
    • Ask questions of qualified staff


    This will lead to a more positive exercise routine.