• Regular Exercise and the “I’ll get around to it” syndrome.

    We often find ourselves saying “it’s too hard” or “I’ll get around to it” when it comes to exercise. Then, there are always the New Year resolutions to shed a few pounds. In the back of our minds we’re always saying “this is the year I’m going to exercise regularly”.


    However, many of us fail to exercise regularly enough to make a difference, and before you know it, that New Year resolution is out the door!


    “But” I hear you say, “it’s much easier to relax in front of the television!”


    We’ve heard it all before, and I suspect you’re now sitting there wondering how many times you’ve been in this position. It’s all too ways to convince ourselves that it’s too much hard work!


    The sooner you start exercising, regularly, the easier it becomes. Humans are often creatures of habit, so once in a routine; it’s much easier to keep up exercise and takes less effort to convince ourselves that it’s the thing we should be doing.


    Exercise is one of those great circles in life; as you start to exercise, you’ll begin to lose some weight. How much you lose is dependent on many factors including exercise and your diet. You start to feel better physically and mentally and if you keep it up, you stand to lead a happy and healthier life.


    There is no ideal to how many times per week an individual should exercise each week in order to lose weight, or become fitter. Each person will be different; they’ll react differently, some might lose more weight, some less, some people might require different exercises and more or less of them than others. However there is one thing that stands out for everyone and that is regular exercise!


    We’ve spoken to a few personal trainers, who are listed on FitnessNearYou about just what is considered optimal for regular exercise. No surprise that there were a lot of different answers; however the following stood out as being most common;


    • Exercise at least three (3) times per week
    • For at least 30 minutes (depends on ability, health, routine etc)
    • Get into a routine and be consistent!


    The Pro’s of exercising regularly:

    • You’ll feel better; physically and mentally
    • Combined with the right diet, you should lose weight
    • Strengthens muscles and bones, preventing injury.
    • Prevents obesity
    • Helps fight disease and sickness, and provides us with a healthier immune system.


    Still too hard you say?


    Is motivation the problem? Why not consider a Personal Trainer. Personal Trainers are a great motivational tool for those of us that are lazy or prefer the couch.


    Think that Personal Trainers are too expensive?


    Why not consider playing sport? Many of us were subject to sport during our school years and there are lots of sports and sporting organisations that cater for varying levels of ability and age groups.


    Exercise plays a crucial part in our lives, and most simply don’t do enough of it, or do it at all. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2008 62.8% of Males and 47.6% of Females were considered overweight/obese (self reported body mass index, 18 years and over). Think forward a few years, what do you think those statistics look like in 2013?


    That’s over half the population in Australia that is considered overweight or obese – are you one of them?


    So next time you sit down on the couch and turn on the TV, think about what exercise you could be doing to make yourself healthier and fitter.


    But exercise alone won’t shift those flabby thighs. Your diet needs to be considered too;  more on that soon.