• 17Dec
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    Simple Steps to Loving Yourself

    The fact is the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. You must feel valued to yourself so you can demand other treat you with respect. The fact is if you do not love yourself, you will never be able to truly love anyone else.

    The first step in loving yourself is to write down all the quality you have that you are happy with. You may start with either physical qualities or emotional. When you start this list, it may be pretty small. It might be helpful to carry the list with you wherever you go, that way when you find something about yourself that you love about you, it is easy to write down. Within a few weeks, you will see that your list will be pretty long. Read the list often when you are feeling like you do not like yourself. It will be a constant written reminder that you are loved.

    The second step is to write down what you feel in your heart you deserve out of life. This could be career related, emotional, or even relationship related. Many therapist recommend those who are dating age to do this exercise so they know what they want in a spouse before meeting them. This will also let you know what kind of treatment you are not okay with. It really helps define your self worth. Your self worth is something that no one can take away without your consent. It is so important for your fitness goals, your life goals, and family life that you know your worth and enforce those around you to treat you well.

    The last step is to write down how you would like others to see you. Do you long to have others say you are a wonderful mother or wife? Maybe they already see you this way, but it is you who isn’t seeing you like you should? Writing down how you would like others see you helped you define who you would like to become. If these qualities are written down, they become much easier for you to work on these issues.

    The dream board is a great concept as well. The dream board is a poster board of all the things you would like to accomplish. It may have the perfect body, a nice car, or big home. You place this board in a place in your home that you can see it daily. The theory in making a dream board is you make it happen by seeing it daily. Another thing you can do is to put post notes in your kitchen, computer room, or bathroom. They may say “You are gorgeous”, “You are a great friend, or “ You are a great writer.” Say the phrases out loud.

    Self love is a tricky subject. If you love yourself to much others say you are selfish, conceited or vain. If you do not love yourself enough, they say you are a doormat. The trick is the balance. Love yourself enough to know what you are truly worth and enforce those around you to treat you accordingly. Remember you are the most important relationship in your life, so take care of yourself.