• 23Sep
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    The Truth About Cardio

    Many women and men fall into this trap of killing yourself in the gym or outside doing heavy cardio. Many women admit to doing up to two hours of solid cardio yet always feeling fat. They claim to eat a balanced diet; however cardio alone was not enough to change their body. So what is the correct way to use cardio?

    Everyone need some cardio.

    Cardio is great for you. It works your heart and makes you feel great afterwords. Its no wonder that women get nearly addicted to cardio sessions. We all need cardiovascular exercise to help keep our bodies healthy and working well. Cardio helps release toxins from your skin and sweat glands. It is a great tool but, is almost useless without using strength training as well.

    How often should you do cardio sessions?

    The general recommendation is cardio sessions to be at the most of 20 minutes three times a day to get the most out of cardio sessions and weight training. There is a term in the fitness world for those who only participate in cardio sessions. It is skinny fat. This is because their muscles are not toned or enhanced by using weight resistance. When you weight train, you are able to sculpt your body to look toned, lean and firm.

    High interval training is best

    The two news cardio crazes are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Cross-training. These allow you to get a workout, complete workout, in very little time. HIIT allows you to burn as high as 200 calories per 15 minutes depending on your weight. Most experts agree that short concentrated cardio sessions are best.

    Cardio is great for you and is needed in order to stay healthy. However , too much of any exercise is not good for you. One must learn to balance their life evenly between a proper diet, cardio sessions, and strength training. When you get this figure out, the result is a toned, healthy, and fit body that you can be proud of.