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    Top Yoga Poses

    Not many exercises are like Yoga in that it creates a following. People who do practice Yoga are very dedicated to the exercise. They claim it helps them in every aspect of their lives not just their fitness level. Yoga can help your concentration. It has been credited to help in your interactions with other people. It teaches you to be one with yourself. This lead to self-esteem and self-worth. Once you master the beginner poses, you will be ready to tackle the advances poses.

    Mountain Pose

    You can practice the mountain poses alone or in between other poses. The mountain poses can help you improve your posture greatly. In most advance poses, the instructor will ask you to return to mountain pose.


    This pose is also called Standing Forward bend. This is a pose where you touch your toes basically. It is a pose used to reduce tension, pain, and fatigue. You can do this pose with your knees bend or straight.

    Cobra Pose

    Rodney Yee, whom is a famous Yoga instructor, list the cobra pose as one of the top ten vital yoga poses. This pose sis used to warm up your core and back muscles. Instead of trying to get your back to be lifted off the floor, it is helpful to focus on keeping your shoulders down and elbows to the side. This concentrates on form instead of the ability to do the pose perfectly.

    Downward Facing Dog

    This pose is one of the most common yoga poses. Many other routines implement this pose into the routine because it is such an important pose. Many experts state it is a staple in many exercise routines. In this pose you place your hands about 5 feet apart on the floor with legs at the same distance. This exercise literally stretches every muscle in your body.

    Warrior Poses

    Warrior one, Warrior two, and Warrior Three all are very popular poses. The warrior poses stretch the legs, hips and glutes. They also open the hips so you can complete the more advanced poses. Warrior poses help you become much more aware of how to stretch your body  in every direction simultaneously.

    Triangle Pose

    The triangle pose is both challenging and beautiful to see. It can be a difficult pose but once you are able to do it correctly it is rewarding. The Yoga Journal recommends this pose to relive stress, backaches, ad to stretch the hips, pelvic areas, and legs.

    Supported Headstand

    A headstand is a pose that is very hard to master. When training yourself to do this pose, you should use a chair or wall. It is important to support your head well to avoid injury and to use your core muscles. Once you have the confidence that you can complete this pose with ease, try doing it without any support.

    Yoga is not only a exercise for many people it is a way of life. Those who practice it will apply yoga to their daily life. For this reason many half jokingly claim, yoga is their religion.  These poses list will help you decide if yoga is right for you. Expert encourage everyone to try yoga, and if not yoga to implement another stretching routine.