• 16Sep
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    Paleo Diet, Is it the newest Trend?

    It seems lately everywhere you turn, someone is telling you about their new way of eating. They may refer to this way of eating as the Caveman Diet or Stone Age Diet. This way of eating on paper is simple. If the food is something that would have been available to a caveman, you can eat. If not, you have to pass on the food. A panel of experts examined this diet and found the diet to be a good sound diet, but may be hard to maintain long term. Simply put, it is not practical in modern times. So why are thousands, maybe even millions of people worldwide gravitated to this way of eating?

    The reason this eating plan is so successful now is because it implements natural whole foods into the the diet. We can all benefit from more natural foods, however; where this diet lacks is not using grains. Grains if chosen wisely are not only a great choice to receive fiber but is a healthy way to receive carbohydrates. The fact that the creators of the eating plan removed many carbohydrates from the plan is why it is classified as a low carb diet, yet the creators claim is not low carb.

    This diet is probably not great for someone who does not like fish. Sure, you could eat chicken or lean meat instead, but may not have the whole nutritional benefit. The point of using mostly fish is that this is what early cavemen ate mostly. Killing a cow or other animal was a lot harder work than fishing or gathering fruits or vegetables.

    In conclusion, this way of eating is not for everyone. The way the eating plan is set up, it could lead to binging. The lack of complex carbohydrates may temporarily give the person a feeling of lethargy. Once they get used to eating less complex carbohydrates, the energy will return. This way of eating is for the dedicated and highly disciplined because it is hard to maintain. The best way to know if this diet is right for you is to try it out. Try the way of eating for three weeks. If it is not easy for you to follow or doesn’t fit in your lifestyle, try something new. Trying new things is a very healthy behavior.