• The Skinny on Heart Rate Monitors

    Heart rate monitors are a very neat little device. They can tell you exactly how many calories you have burned. There are so many models that there is one for everyone. They can be a great tool for losing weight or blasting fat off your body.

    Heart rate monitors come in chest strap models and touch models. What this means is you can have continual monitors through a chest strap or just touch the watch to get your heart rate. To apply the chest strap, you simply apply water or a lubricant to the electrode side of the strap and wrap around your pectoral area. The monitor will pick up your heart rate constantly. The touch heart rate monitor is used by touch the metal part on the front of the watch. After a few seconds the watch will give you your heart rate. It will use this information to calculate the calories burned.

    In order to set a heart rate monitor up you need to input information about yourself in the watch so it can accurately display the calories burned. You will need to put your height, weight, age, gender, and target heart rate zone. There are some models that will let your input a VO2Max. Those models are suppose to be the most accurate.

    Heart rate monitors are not required to lose weight, but they sure do help. They will tell you if you are working hard enough in your workout. It will tell you the estimate of calories you need to add to your diet for that day if you eat your calories back after exercising. Some models will also tell you your steps you take each day. This will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    The most popular heart rate monitors are Polar models, Timex models and Reebok Models. They all feature back strap and touch models. Timex has a model that is a pedometer and heart rate monitor in one. It will tell you your total calories burned through out the day, which is neat feature. Another popular device which is not technically a heart rate monitor is a Fitbit. This device will track steps, stairs, and sleep patterns. It also will sync will Myfitnesspal website.

    In closing, a heart rate monitor or pedometer is not required but does help make losing weight a little easier. It takes the guesswork out of calories burned in exercise which help you not over estimate or under estimate your calorie burned. If the price of about 75$USD is to steep for your budget, consider giving yourself 50 cents to 1$ each time you exercise. It could only take two months this way to save for the water/pedometer.