• 15Oct
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    When is the best time to weigh yourself?

    What is the best time to weigh yourself? Is it best to weigh in the morning? Or is it best at night? What is the best time?

    Before weighing yourself, do not step on the scale if you have had a big meal. Other dieters have a serious addiction to the scale. They go so far as to weigh themselves before and after each and every meal. The fact is everyone’s weight can vary from five to ten pounds daily depending on the water weight in your body at the time.

    Drinking just two eight ounce glasses of water can translate to one to two pounds of weight. If you have just drank water, save yourself the trouble and do not weight yourself. When weighing yourself, it is best to do it before drinking anything or eating, and after going to the bathroom. Experts also advise weighing yourself at the same exact time each week to get an accurate picture of your weight.

    It is also important not to discount weighing yourself. The scale is a very useful tool. The scale can tell you if you are consuming to many or not enough calories. It can tell you if you are at your goal weight or if you are at the target BMI. It is a useful tool, just not the only tool to use.

    The trouble with scales is to many women over use them and do not use them as tools yet use them as the only measure. They feel like if the scale isn’t moving they are not progressing. It doesn’t matter if they lose inches, if they aren’t losing pounds, they are not a success. Women must learn to not put so much into number they see in the scale. That number cannot define you, unless you let it.