• Beginners guide to eating clean

    Eating clean is a term that is used to describe eating little to no processed foods. A big part of America’s obesity epidemic is directly related to the fact that we eat so much processed foods. A general rule to follow is if you cook your meals from whole food items, you are eating clean.  If your diet is filled with fast foods, microwave dinners or candy then your diet is full of processed foods.

    The first step to eating clean is to not consume chemicals, sugar, artificial flavor and preservatives. To quote the celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels ‘If it did not come from the ground or have a mother, don’t eat it’. If we eat mostly clean whole foods, the calories we consume are good calories generally, and do not have to worry about counting so many calories.

    The next step of eating clean is to figure out how much food you need to consume daily. It may not be necessary to count calories when eating whole foods, but be mindful of calories. For example, an avocado grown in Florida has 470 calories if you eat the whole avocado. For an average sized person that needs approximately 2000 calories a day, nearly 500 calorie is quite a bit.  If you keep in mind each meal should be about 500 calories and snacks about 250(2 of them), you will do great.

    Lastly, the kinds of calories you eat do matter. It is important to make sure you get enough carbohydrates, protein and fat throughout the day. Cheese, nuts and beans are not considered to be high quality protein sources. High quality protein sources are meat, chicken, turkey, egg and protein shakes to name a few.

    These steps will help you get on the way to a healthier you. Eating a clean whole fresh diet is vital to being a healthy, fit and mentally alert person.  Eating whole natural foods are the building blocks of a fit healthy person.