• 14Jan
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    Foods to Avoid on a Gluten Free Diet

    When adapting to a wheat free diet, it is understandable for you not to know what foods to eat. It is confusing to making the change from something that is marketed as a healthy white flour alternative to wheat is causing me harm. It will get easier with time. It will be helpful to know which foods to avoid. The general rule of thumb should be if you are in doubt about a food, it is best to avoid it until you clear that food with your doctor.

    Generally, it is best to avoid bread and cereals. This is when you have to really examine the food label. Any ingredients on the food label that are farina, barley, malted milk, bran, durum, spelt or any ingredient with the name wheat should be avoided. Wheat is always to be avoided.

    Baked goods should as a general rule is avoided. Unless the item is labeled wheat freeor gluten free,  it likely has wheat in it. This includes cookies, crackers, chips and pie crust. Baked goods are probably the hardest food item to avoid. Everyone loves to eat cookies, cupcakes and pies, but in order to get gluten out of your system you must not consuming any baked goods.  It is also important for you to abstain from eating them so your wheat allergy symptoms do not return.

    Other foods that according to the experts it is best to avoid are fried foods, gravies and salad dressing. If the item says gluten free than it is safe to eat otherwise it is best to refrain from eating it. Fried foods are often fried with a flour batter, which is  full of gluten.  Chocolate and other candies often have wheat in them so it is best to be avoid if at all possible.

    I know the list seems overwhelming. Eating gluten free  will get easier in time. In time, it will be like second nature in knowing what to eat. And you will feel so much better for making the change.  Taking charge of your health is like having a superpower. Become the health person you were meant to be.