• 31Dec
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    How to Begin a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

    Beginning a new way of eat will seem overwhelming at first. Rest assured after eating wheat free, it will only take you a few weeks and you will be a professional at it. It would be helpful to you first to have a list of which grains are safe for you to eat. Those grains are rice, corn, quinoa, soy, buckwheat and montina.

    Fruits, vegetables, corn, rice, fish, meats and legumes are all part of the wheat free diet. It is generally not advised when eating wheat free to consume oats. Oats have cross contamination from the factories until labeled gluten free. They have also concerns of cross contamination in the fields of wheat.

    At your local grocery store, there are many types of bread and cakes now offered that are gluten free. Sprouted bread is a safe bread alterative. In the baking section of the grocery store, they showcase many cakes and cookie boxes that are advertised to be gluten-free  The most important part of living the wheat free lifestyle is reading food labels. Checking label to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction to the wheat product is very important.

    For cooking ideas, gluten free cookbooks are readily available. An internet search will show many gluten free recipes that will likely not taste any different than you are used to. Cooking gluten free will just take some meal planning and research. There are many apps now available both free and paid in Iphone and Andriod platforms.

    As overwhelming as it is now to eat gluten free, it is so rewarding when you take your health back. Once you start to feel better, eating gluten free will be easier and easier as time goes on. Remember that something that is challenging now will be easy and effortless later.