• Meals and Snacks

    It can be hard to imagine what your meals and snack will look like when eating wheat free or gluten free. A wheat free or gluten free meal should showcase fruits and vegetables. It is important to buy organic whenever possible, especially in fruits and vegetables that we consume the skin. You should eat as many as possible fruits and vegetable in their natural and raw state.

    A good snack idea is to chop carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados to make a salsa. You can add them to organic spelt or make a good salad and add the salsa as a topping. For a good lunch idea would be an organic salad with salsa on top with either a hardboiled egg or grilled chicken breast. There is no need to avoid red meats as many diets now claim you need to. It is wise though to watch your portion sizes since too much saturated fats are not good for anyone.

    A good meal would have a two generous serving of fruits and vegetables. Then a reasonable serving usually 4 oz. of grass fed beef, organic children or eggs, veal or lamb. It is also healthy for you to eat nuts as a snack. Nuts have good fats we need and protein. You may find that eating gluten /wheat free you need to eat more often and up to six meals a day. This is not uncommon.

    It is important to eat three healthy meals and at least one snack a day. If you eat enough meals and snacks throughout the day, then you will feed you body’s metaboism keeping it running at it’s best. You cannot expect to be able to train hard, build muscle, and do hard cardio sessions if you do not eat enough throughout the day? If the experts are correct then, if you eat more, you will lose more weight, and gain more muscle and build your lean body mass. It’s a win win for you. After a week of eating wheat free, you should feel better, with more energy and less bloated feeling. You will wonder why you were once so nervous about making the switch to a gluten/wheat free diet.