• 21Jan
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    Reasons to Avoid Wheat

    There are so many reasons to avoid eating wheat. Wheat is a grass like plant that produces kernels we grind to make flour and cereal. Wheat can cause such illness as celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. It can cause us to feel tired, bloated and damage our intestinal lining. If that is not bad enough, there are other reasons to avoid eating wheat.

    Even before farmers plant the wheat seed the seeding companies they purchase the seeds from give the seeds an application of insecticide and fungicide. The fungicide is applied to help control the diseases from the seedling. The insecticide is used to control the pest while the seed is maturing. The insecticide contains hormones, derives of estrogen. It can cause a hormone imbalance to those who consume it. This hormone imbalance is suggested to be the reason girls and boys are entering into puberty much sooner today than they did fifty years ago. They also have linked this hormone imbalance to breast cancer and endometriosis.

    After the grain is harvested, they are treated again with an insecticide. First they spray the storage bins inside and out. Then they transfer the new harvested wheat in the storage bin and are sprayed on the top again to 4 inches in the container. The reason they do this is while the container sit and wait to be packaged and sent to stores, they are in danger to be feasted on by pest.

    The alternative to wheat bread is sprouted bread. It is flourless bread. Another alternative is to make your own with whole wheat berries. This is the best way to consume bread. The wheat available to us is not the wheat that Hippocrates suggested we consume in the ancient times. It is full of pesticides, insecticides, hormones and GMO’s. A GMO is a genetically modified organism. Wheat is one of the most popular GMO out there next to corn. GMO are said to be a contributing greatly to the obesity epidemic.

    I know after learning all of this, I will be not eating wheat. I will figure out what alternatives are suitable for my family. I think the hormone problem alone is grounds for us to be careful with consuming wheat. Wheat, which was so good for us at one point, has turned into something that is bad for us yet marketed still as being a sound nutrition.