• 18Feb
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    Vegans versus Vegetarians

    Many people use the terms vegan and vegetarian interchangeable. They assume a vegan is just someone who avoids eating meats, which is only partly true. The differences between vegans and vegetarians huge especially if you are vegan.

    Vegans Only Eat Plants

    Vegans only eat plants like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans. They will eat meat substitutes however strict vegans will likely avoid them because they are processed, heavily processed. They typically will not count calories. They will feast on all the fruit and veggies they wish using nuts and beans as their protein source. Vegan do need to take a B12 supplement since B12 is in meat.

    A vegetarian will eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, cheese, eggs, and sometimes milk. They are usually less strict. They will consume animal product by products or food items that did not kill the animal like milk, cheese, and eggs.

    Vegans Don’t Use Honey

    Vegans do not use honey because it is made by an animal making it an animal by product. Getting the honey out for us to enjoy actually kills many bees, so vegans have decided it is not worth the pleasure. They do not eat it. They eat pure sugar cane instead.

    Vegan: Vitamins

    When a vegan buys vitamins they must compare the vitamin contents. Many vitamins contain milk. This would not be a big concern for a vegetarian since they can drink milk, but a vegan, that may upset them greatly. Hair products and other household item need to be analyzed before purchasing to make sure they do not contain any animal by-products.

    The main difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is a vegetarian does not eat any animal that has been killed, and a vegan does not eat any animal kill or any product the animal may produce. Vegans promote a full plant based diet for health healing and prosperity.