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    Wheat free comparing to Gluten free and finding hidden Gluten in Foods

    Many who decide to eat gluten free think it is the same as wheat free. They are different in a few ways. Gluten free eating is wheat free eating, but includes omitting other foods as well. If you decide to eat gluten free, you would not eat: any food that is made with wheat or white flours including pizzas, cakes, breads, pastas and pancakes.

    Wheat free is avoiding only wheat and wheat products. Not eating wheat can be a challenge since some foods ‘hide’ wheat in them.  Food labels have to clearly mark on the label ‘gluten free’ when the item has less than 20 parts per million to it. This is level safe for those who have celiac disease to consume.

    There are many gluten free bread and pancake recipes so you can still enjoy your favorite foods. You can even order specialty items like crackers, breads, cakes and waffles. They are all gluten free. When dining out, restaurants have begun to develop a gluten free menu to service their customers.

    If you wish to eat gluten or wheat free, you must learn to read food labels. Labels will clearly tell you first if the item is gluten free. Then you are able to read ingredients to make sure there is not any wheat in the food.

    If you are like me, you were confused as well about gluten verses wheat free. Remember gluten free includes wheat but more. It would include anything made with wheat flour or white flour.  Adapting to this lifestyle is pretty easy to do if you read labels.

    When deciding to not consume wheat or gluten in your diet, the hardest part of the diet is being able to detect hidden wheat in food. The easy part is reading the label seeing gluten free or wheat free. There are many foods that contain wheat or gluten. I learned this when I decided to become a vegan. The hidden dairy really shocked me.

    Some of the foods that contain gluten I was surprised by. A few of the foods that contain gluten are beer, hot dogs, soy sauce, meat substitutes, and ice cream.  When ordering out, consider not ordering any fried foods. Fried foods are breaded usually with flour so do contain some gluten.

    It is important to know the hidden sources of gluten or you could find yourself suffering from symptoms of eating gluten but not knowing where the gluten came from. One thing that really surprised me was if you share your toaster with someone who eats regular bread, you could get traces of gluten from sharing the toaster. It could be enough to alarm you with the effects of the gluten. Baking items that have gluten also have the same effect. Particles from food that contains gluten can linger in the air for as long as twenty four hours after baking.

    A wheat free diet can take some getting used to, but if you are sensitive to it your comfort level is worth the learning curve. Two things that are helpful to remember: there are obvious wheat source and many hidden wheat sources. The trick is to learn them both.