• 25Feb
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    Why Eat Vegan?

    Why Eat Vegan? The choice to revamp your diet to adapt to a all vegan diet is not a decision you should make on a whim. Being vegan now is a trendy choice, however for those who believe in the practice, it is anything but trendy. There are so many reasons why you would want to be a vegan. Several reasons are listed below.

    Less Chemicals

    Yes, even our meats have chemicals. Cows, chickens, and pigs are injected with hormones and chemicals from birth until they are killed for food. The food they consume is not a natural diet either, which does affect the food source they provide to us. Years ago, cow would eat grass on the pasture. Once it reached the age of not being able to reproduce it was slaughtered. The meat was near perfect because it led a natural life. However, not even organic grass-fed beef have this experience anymore. Finding a small farmer locally would be the only way to find meat like this, and it probably would be very expensive.

    No Need to Kill Animals

    If you have ever seen a film on the food industry in the USA you will know where this is going. These animals are killed in a way to is not humane at all. They suffer greatly. Many of them, especially chickens never see light in the chicken coop. In fact on the chicken farms they go through and select only the female chickens. They put the males in another container. When asked what they do with the male baby chicks, they said they were destroyed and re purposed as food to the female chickens. The person interviewing the chicken company was left speechless. It seems so wrong.

    Plant Based Protein is Enough

    Vegan’s claim that plant based proteins are enough to sustain everyone including body builders. They claim you do not need meat to meet your protein needs for the day. You need a diet rich in fruits, veggies, nuts, and beans and you will meet the requirement of .36 per lean body pound you have. So if your lean body mass is 120 pounds. You would multiply 120 times .36 and would need to eat at least 43 grams of protein per day.

    Eating vegan is a choice and is not for everyone. Many people love eating meats. However it is very important people start researching where their meats are coming from and looking into cleaner sources. This will save your health and save the animals discomfort and improve their life as well. For every person who avoids eating cow meat at all for one year, they can save 95 cattle per year from being killed. A typical family of four could save nearly 400 cattle every year. That alone is motivating enough to try veganism.