• 19Sep
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    I am Plateaued, WHY?

    It happens to all losing weight. You are losing weight and suddenly, it stops. The scale may stay the same or even show a gain. You may be upset thinking, I am working hard, why would I gain? It is not time to panic, yet. It is however; time to look at your routines to see what you can change to start losing again.

    Repeated Exercises

    The body gets used to an exercise if you do it or longer than 6 weeks. This is why most of the exercises change ‘phases’ every few weeks. When your body gets used to the exercise, then you will no longer burn the same amount of calories. This applies to food as well. If you constantly eat the same foods, at some point, your body will not absorb the nutrients from the food. It is important to change your diet often.

    Not eating enough or too much

    This is dangerous zone. You must eat enough for to be able to feed your muscle growth. Not consuming enough is the number one cause for you to experience a plateau. Usually, it is enough to get out of the plateau to eat a few hundred more calories or not exercising as hard. This will get your body the signal to start burning fat again. At the time time, another reason for plateaus is eating too much. This is so easy to do. One reason this happens is because you don’t measure your foods. Studies have claimed people underestimate their calories by 500 and sometimes more. It is very important to measure, so the calories you log are accurate.


    Overtraining is a big problem. Exercising to much puts unneeded stress on your body and signaling it to stop burning calories. It will also cause you to feel tired, lethargic, feel depressed, and maybe even injury yourself. The way to avoid over training is to exercise 5-6 times a week for one hour a time max. This will not put your body at risk for over training and will give you enough activity that you can burn enough calories to change your body.

    Not Enough Sleep

    Sleep is so important for all people from infants to elderly adults. It is especially important for those trying to lose weight. They need sleep to be able to build muscle and lose fat. In fact, studies have shown that those who have trouble with reoccurring plateaus may have the problem as a result of not getting enough rest. Experts’ advice all adults to aim to get from 7-10 hours of sleep each and every night.

    Plateaus are very frustrating. Many times, you will feel like you don’t know why you are plateauing. Another reason it can be frustrating is you may be doing all the right things but still your weight does not change. If his happens the answer may be in the measuring tape. Measure your waist, arms, hips, and legs often so you know when there is a change. Plateaus do not last forever, if you experience one, hang in there, eat well, exercise and you will see a loss eventually.