• 26Sep
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    Keep the Course

    There is a group of people rarely addressed in many articles. They are the group that have been in the journey for some time, but lost their way. I am one of those select few. I have struggled for what seems like many months. I have developed a few tips to get you back to losing weight again.

    Water, Water, Water

    I cannot stress enough. Water. I will not tell you to avoid diet soda, as I struggle with this daily but, I do try my best to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. As a whole, dehydration is a big problem in this country. Many of us, myself included, will eat instead of drinking. This results in overeating instead of remedying the original issue, dehydration. My advice is if you eel hungry; first try to drink a glass of water. Wait, a few minutes to see if you are still hungry, and you are then eat something light.

    No Food After 8 PM

    I struggle often with eating late. I am a writer, so my hours can be very irregular. If I am not able to write in the day, I will write in the evening or night. This leads to me eating at the computer. I noticed it the other day after eating 10 chewy cookies. Yes, no typo ten cookies before I even noticed I was eating them. So I have implemented a rule, no eating after 8 pm. I am on day three.

    Live by the 80/20 Rules

    This is a rule, I have based my whole weight loss journey on. I promise to myself to eat well, 80% of the time. I allow myself to mess up 20% of time. This not only helps the cravings but, helps the guilt when I slip and eat junk. I have noticed much of my failures are impractical ideals I placed on myself. I have come to a place, 2 years in my journey, I need a sense of realism. I have to be real with myself. I have to figure out how to eat for the rest of my life and be able to maintain it.

    I am confident in these rules. They are the basics of all weight loss program. I believe that if you would live by these rules, while being active, you will see at least one pound loss per week. I will continue to work at my journey. I will attain my goals. My main goal to inspire myself by achieving things I never dreamed possible and inspire others to do the same. Reach within yourself. You are so much stronger than you ever dreamed of. To quote the famous Shaun T “Dig Deeper”.