• 29Oct
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    Non Scale Victories

    When trying to lose weight, the scale victories aren’t the only one’s that matter. The non scale victories are just as important, possibly even more important than the weight dropping. The non scale victories are you feeling better, looking better, and fitting better in your clothes. So what is a non scale victory.

    Losing inches

    When you measure monthly, weekly or every few months, you will notice you are losing inches. Sometimes you may gain weight or even just lose a few pounds. This can cause some concern for person watching their diet unless they are measuring and seeing the numbers changing.

    Clothes fit better

    Your clothes will just fit better. Not only will they look better, they will look great on you.  You will look radiant in them and feel much more confident. It will show through. People will feel drawn to you and not be able to know what it is about you that is changed.

     Endurance is longer.

    You are able to run longer. That impossible mile turns into two miles then three or five miles. This is a much bigger deal than losing five pounds. Running five miles without stopping is a huge step towards endurance and health.

     More Energy

    You are no longer winded taking your kids to the park. You can run with them while playing. Now you can out run your dog in the walks. These are all great non scale victories. Having more energy is a health advantage. This is often a goal for people to have when starting the weight journey’s.


    Finding yourself, and challenging yourself brings inner peace and happiness. You find you feel calm and peaceful about life in all areas, not just weight loss. Weight loss just becomes an added benefit. When you start thinking that health is the main focus and then weight loss becomes the added benefit then that’s when it becomes much easier to lose weight. No more watching the scale each day. Just become who you were meant to be, and watch the weight come off, it becomes effortless.

    Life should be effortless. Breathing, laughing, loving, and being active should all be part of life. Life is all about loving yourself and and others. Part of loving yourself is learning that the weight loss journey is not about the actual scale but about non scale victories as well. When you learn to celebrate those victories, you are half way there.