• Protein Shakes

    Protein shakes are very common in the fitness circles. Many consumers will argue which on is better, and there are those who believe they are not a good source of soluble protein. One fact that cannot be debated is that protein is a building block for muscles, hair, skin, and the brain. This is what makes these shakes so popular. One shake can contain from 20-40 grams of protein in a single serving.

    Why use protein shakes?

    Protein shakes are ideal for those who are watching their calories or nutrients they eat every day. They typically have very little carbohydrates and fat. They offer sometimes ¼ of the needed protein for the day. The protein shakes come in a variety of great tasting flavors such as vanilla, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, or tropical berry.

    Benefits to Protein Shakes?

    Protein shakes can help relieve the soreness associated with an intense exercise workout. It can also help your muscle rebuild and repair muscles. Researchers claim the protein shakes may also help with weight management. If you consume enough protein, you will not be as hungry as the person who consumes mostly carbohydrates. The real benefit to drinking protein shakes is on average you will experience less heat exhaustion, less muscle soreness, and less infections according to the research.

    How much protein do you need daily?

    On average, most people need between 45 and 66 grams a day. If you are trying to gain muscle mass, you would need double to triple that number to maintain your muscle growth. The protein shakes can be an excellent recovery or pre-workout boast for those who regularly workout hard. One of the most common protein drinks is Muscle Milk. Another popular drink among the more advanced exercisers is Shakeology.

    Who Should Not Use Protein Shakes?

    Those who are allergic to eggs, soy, milk, casein should not drink protein shakes. Many protein shakes combine whey, soy, and casein to create a fast absorbing and powerful protein supplement. In the last few years, manufacturers have created a vegan protein shake. This contains no milk, eggs, or other animal byproducts. The two most common are Shakeology and Vega One.

    Protein shakes are a wonderful tool to use with exercise and eating well. They can help you feel full, help your muscle recover, and help you feel energized. Protein shakes can be a full meal. Try adding fruits or vegetable with ice in the blender. You can use either almond milk, coconut milk, or cow’s milk for more nutrient and extra protein. Protein shakes can be a delicious, full of nutrients snack to help rebuild and feed your muscles.