• 22Oct
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    Review of Calorie Counting Websites

    Many of us are busy and use calorie counting websites or apps to either save time or save sanity, possibly both. Some of these sites with track your macros, or just calories.  Some of the sites will have a community that will have a friendship, that will help you along your journey. Challenges also help engage you and keep you going. The three main sites are Watchfit, Myfitnesspal, and Sparkspeople.


    We love MyFitnessPal. We’re there daily. I have a love hate relationship with the forums but the actually program is great. The mobile app is wonderful with a bar scanner that will scan mostly anything. The news-feed option is great. It will give a personal touch to the weight loss journey. Myfitnesspal has a data base of foods, exercise calories, and weight lifting activities. It is by far the most popular weight loss website.


    The site is new and easy to navigate. The site has a place for personal trainer to advertise their services which is a added bonus for professionals. You can track you food, macros, create and participate in challenges, and create a blog. You can hire a nutritionist or personal trainer on site as well. The site is amazing. Our only suggestions is a mobile app and a bigger food database.


    Sparkspeople is a much like Myfitnesspal with forums and a good app but the app is not as complete. The Sparkspeople site and app is not as popular and easy to navigate. One reason is it gives people to many calories to eat to lose more than 1 pound a week, experts claim.

    There are other calorie counting websites like Livestrong, Calorie counting, Beachbody, and bodybuilding.com. The only way to see which one will work for you is to try it, and see. For me, a busy  person on the go, I need a mobile app to add food on the go or even at night when I am ready for bed, so a mobile app is a must. Try the one’s listed and let us know what your favorites are.