• Simple Steps to Lose Weight

    Many people are trying to lose weight. In fact, the weight loss industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. From diet pills to exercise videos, it seems everyone wants to try the newest trend. So how can one go about losing weight not only simply but for good.

    Water is so important. One of the most common issues that obese people have is not drinking water. Many of them will only drink juice or carbonated drinks. Our bodies are mostly composed of water. People need a minimum of eight glasses a day. The correct way to figure out how much water you need is to divide your current body weight by two. The result is the amount of water you need in ounces.

    Processed foods are another big issue for those trying to lose weight. They will often get sucked into the fat free or sugar free scams. They will believe diet coke must be good for you after all it is calorie free. They often will use chemicals and toxins in the food to replace fat or sugars. The bottom line is that if the food doesn’t come from the ground, have a mother, or a natural product, do not eat it. Processed foods are the number one reason that people are obese according to the experts.

    Portion sizes are a big issue amount most overweight people. They have no idea that there ‘serving’ of cereal is actually two, three, or even four servings. Getting the right serving sides takes just a few minutes of your time. All you need is a measuring cup. Measuring the cereal, rice, potatoes, and other foods is critical to your weight loss results.

    The last step is to be more active. You can start small and build on it. For example, start walking or taking stairs. If doing push ups are to hard, do wall push ups. If complete sit ups are to difficult, try crunches. Everyone starts somewhere. There is a famous quote from Jillian Michaels, the American celebrity trainer that states, “you do not have to be great to start, but in order to be great, you first must start.”

    If you implement these simple steps to your life, I am sure you will see the pounds come off. Losing weight is a simple equation of calories in must be less than calories burned. However, it is still up to use to chose those calories we eat wisely. You cannot fuel your body to run well unless you eat the right natural foods. Eating healthy is not a trend, fad, or diet. It is a lifestyle. The truth is you will get out of it what you put into it.