• Signs of Dehydration

    The fact is according to most experts that most people are chronically dehydrated. In fact, they are so dehydrated that they do not realize how badly they need fluids until they are severely dehydrated. It is extremely helpful to know the symptoms so you can avoid a health crisis and hospital visit.

    The First Signs( first 2% lost)

    The most common first sign of dehydration is excessive thirst. Scientist claim that once you feel thirst, you have lost about two percent of your fluid. This is the reason they say once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. You may also feel tired or fatigued, a head rush when standing, loss of appetite, chills and dry skin.

    Moderate loss (5%)

    if the person does not increase their fluid intake by water or other fluids, they will continue to go downhill. They will continue to have worsening symptoms. They will have a increased heart rate and respiration. They will sweat much less. They will be urinating much less if at all. They will have a increased body temperature. They will experience headaches and muscle cramps. They will be completely miserable.

    Severe (10%)

    This stage is often fatal. In this stage, one may lose consciousness. They will often hurt all over. They have loose skin from the loss of fluids. They will be confused when talking to you. Urination will be difficult and painful. Breathing will be painful and difficult. They may have vomiting with nausea.
    Dehydration is preventable. Drink enough fluids outside if you need to be outside if it is hot. Stay inside if it is too hot. The signs of dehydration in a infant or elderly person will be much quicker than a young health person.

    If a person exercises heavily, they can lose up to 100 ounces of water per hour. This usually is not a big deal as they will just drink water or other liquids after they exercise. People also lose up to 100 ounces per day through normal body functions throughout the day.

    The recommendation for water needed per person is half their body weight or generally eight glasses of water a day. If someone is severely dehydrated, they should drink water slowly not to over load their body to quickly. If they drink to quickly, they can cause a electrolyte imbalance which is a emergency that needed to trip to the hospital.