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    What is Wheat and is it Bad for Me?

    Wheat that is grown in the United States falls into two main groups: spring and winter wheat. Winter wheat is planted in the late autumn months and harvested in the summer and spring wheat is planted in after the danger of the frost is over and harvested in the summer.  The appearance of wheat harvested is deep golden brown much like the pictures and artwork most Americans have seen.

    Once the wheat plant is harvested, the farmers separate the stalk from the wheat kernels. The stalk is then used for construction uses, animal bedding and mulch. The kernels are then ground into flour. The kernels have three parts, the small germ, the large endosperm, and the outer casing.  The outer casing of the wheat kernel is known as bran.

    Flour made with the endosperm becomes white flour. Wheat flour is made from grinding the whole wheat kernel. Pasta is made from the hard wheat.  Wheat flour, white flour, germ flour and bran are four separate flours made from the wheat plant.

    Wheat is a probably the most important plant American’s produce. Much of our diet is centered on wheat in one way or another.  It is a nutritious source of vitamins, minerals and fats. Wheat is easily grown in the United States.  It’s easy to see why wheat is the American staple grain.

    In certain groups, especially weight loss and fitness groups, wheat is considered one of the worst things to eat after sugar. Many people are surprised to know that wheat is a problem in the American diet. We all know sugar is a big problem our diets, but wheat is bad for you too?

    Wheat is has more gluten in it than any other food we consume.  Consuming to much gluten in your diet can lead to celiac disease. Much of the population is believed to be sensitive to gluten. Gluten and wheat is not the same thing. Wheat contains gluten.  In healthy people, eating too much wheat can cause gas, bloating, lethargy and damage to your intestinal lining.

    Wheat is a food that is high on the glycemic index. Its rating is higher than sugar, ice cream or cake.  When you consume wheat, your blood sugar rises quickly, bring your insulin levels up quickly. Then your blood sugar will drop low causing you to be hungry again. This is known as blood sugar roller coaster.

    There is some speculation that wheat is an appetite stimulant and could be addictive. Have you ever had a craving for pizza and not even are not truly hungry? Studies suggest the reason why wheat is addictive.  The studies say that gluten when broken down forms peptides that are able to stimulate our opioid receptors much like morphine does.

    Wheat consumption also has increased cholesterol in a recent study.  In a study, they compared two groups one eating whole oat cereal another eating wheat cereal. The results were the group in the study that consumed wheat cereal’s cholesterol (LDL) increased by sixty percent.

    After learning all of this, I cannot possible think wheat is good for you. Maybe it is better for you than other substances, but not healthy. It is like comparing an alcohol with a soda. Neither is good for you, one is just slighter better than the other. Wheat can cause celiac disease, bloating, tiredness, and may be addictive.  It also affected the cholesterol of the participants in the study.  As an item that is considered to be one of the most important staples of American diet, it has the potential to being the worst thing we consume.